Monday, November 9, 2009

Get your Prints and Image Files Too!

After giving it quite a bit of thought, I've decided to adjust my packages a little bit so that two of the discount single-pose packages will now include the full resolution image file and the copyright release.

These days everybody wants the image files. I, of all photographers, am a big supporter of giving clients the images and rights. I've structured my business completely the opposite of most photographers. I charge for the sitting, but give the CD and copyrights with all my sessions. However, I hesitated to give them out with the seasonal specials because I knew I'd be shooting myself in the foot(no pun intended). Since I wasn't charging for the sitting, I had to make my money on the print sales. But nobody would buy prints from me if they've got the CD and can get them printed cheaper at walmart. So, I finally found a solution.

You'll find that I've adjusted my Christmas Special packages so that two of the three packages now include both the prints AND the image file. So when you purchase Package B or C, not only will you get the prints included in that package, but I'll email you that full resolution file and the copyrights to go with it. It's a Win-Win. You get your files, and I still get a paycheck.

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