Thursday, January 31, 2008

Earn Studio Credit

ATTENTION: The Referral Rewards Progam has changed! Please see updated post for details and a printable $5 coupon to share with friends!

Now you can earn studio credit by reffering your friends to Larissa Photography. It's simple. Tell your friends about how happy you are with the pictures you had done by me. If they book an appointment and tell me they heard about me from you, you'll get studio credit!

Here's how much you can earn for EACH new customer you send my way:
$5 - regular customers (customers who book a regular photo session)
$10 - wedding customers (customer must book their wedding with me)

We've just added a login feature to our website so you'll be able to check online to see how much studio credit you've accumlated. To participate in this studio credit refferral rewards program, go to and click the "log in" link in the lower left hand corner. Follow the steps to create your account. Once your account has been created, I'll be able to credit your account with your refferral rewards! After that, all you have to do is tell your friends about me and you'll be earning free pictures in no time!

Please Note:
Studio credit can be used toward the purchase of extra prints and digital services only. It cannot be used to purchase a new session.

The person you refer must book a regular session in order for you to receive your refferral credit. Regular sessions include any session costing $50 or more as shown on my website. I cannot give studio credit if your friends book seasonal special sessions.

Unfortunately customer refferal credit can only be giving for NEW referrals. I cannot go back and give studio credit to everyone for all the previously referred customers. Because my business has been built by word of mouth, I would surely go out of business trying to repay everyone for their generous referrals. I am truly thankful for all the past business people have sent my way. You've made my business a success and I am truly grateful.

ATTENTION: The Referral Rewards Progam has changed! In order for you to receive your studio credit, your referrals must turn in a coupon! Please see updated post at for details and a printable $5 coupon!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Valentine's Special

This special includes a 20-30 minute session and 10 high quality 4x5 proofs. I am booking these sessions for Friday and Saturday, February 1st and 2nd ONLY, so hurry and reserve your spot!

Also available for a limited time are Valentine's mini-cards. These adorable little cards are the perfect size to fit into a wallet or for the kids to hand out at school. They come in sets of 8 and are $3 a set. First pack is FREE!

This is a children's portrait special which includes up to 3 children under the age of 12. For additional people, please book 2 sessions back to back. Call Larissa at 618-409-1224 with any questions or to book your appointment now. Thank you.

Prices for extra prints:
4x6 - $3
5x7 - $5
8x10 - $8
Wallets - $5 for 12

Pictured below are this years mini card designs:

Win $500 Reward!

As you may or may not know, we've recently moved to a new home/studio and are trying to sell our old home. With the market as slow as it is right now, we're having trouble selling our old house. Paying two mortgages isn't much fun, so I'm offering a reward of $500 in studio credit to whoever can find me a buyer. If you know someone looking to buy a home and you tell them about the our house and they end up liking and buying it, I will give you $500 in studio credit. That's $500 to use on sessions, extra pictures, albums, wedding photography, gift certificates...whatever. But this only goes to the person who finds me a buyer (or buys the house themselves).

So, if you know someone who's tired of renting and wants to buy, tell them about our house. Click on the following links for more information. Thanks and good luck!

Virtual Tour:


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