Monday, September 21, 2009

Night in the City Photo Shoot

I just had a BLAST shooting the second half of Brianna's senior session. Turns out Downtown Belleville is a great place for senior photos at night. We had a fabulous time working with Brianna again. Got some really fun shots too.

Of course, it wouldn't be a night out without some drama. While we were shooting some train track photos out near highway 15, some guy in a truck slowed down and actually yelled at us that we "kids" shouldn't be playing on the train track and that we could get ourselves killed. Talk about suprised. TJ, myself, Brianna, and her mom hardly count as KIDS, and did he really think we'd not notice a train coming... perhaps the vibrating tracks, loud engine, and horn aren't enough? He even had the audacity to tell us that he had the sherif on the phone and that the cops were "on their way". As if we were committing some sort of crime. As if our cities law enforcement has nothing better to do than worry about people spending ten minutes near some train tracks to get a few photos. Sheesh. Some people could really stand to get a life.

Desination Wedding Invitations using Engagement Photos

This is a complete matching card pack for a destination wedding using engagement photos I recently did:

Card Front: The strip on the right with their names is actually part of the inside of the card. This is a side show style card so the front is actually only 4x5 although the card is a square.

Card Inside:

Card Back:

Response Postcard:
Because it's a postcard, the mailing for the response is cheaper than the typical response card sent in an envelope. The reverse side of this card will have the bride and grooms address and the postage stamp.

Additional information card:
This is a business card sized piece for the bride to include any additional instructions or directions for the guests.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Introducing Spiral Bound Proof Books

Starting soon, all of our children and baby sessions will come with a spiral bound proof book instead of loose proofs. Not only are the books great because they keep all the proofs together nicely, but they're also incredibly adorable and make showing off your photos so much more fun! The books are 4x5 inches and come with a cover deisgn using one of the session photos protected by a plastic velum page on the front and thick white cardboard back. I can't describe how cute they are, so here are a few shots of the first ones I got in...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Caleb's Baby Collages

Above are a few design options for a baby/family portrait collage. Prices are as follows:

8x10 - $25
11x14 - $45
16x20 - $50

The collages come mounted on artboard and are ready to frame. They can also be ordered on gallery mount or custom framed. Contact Larissa for details. 618-409-1224.

Changes to the design: These designs can be changed. You can add or remove the text, change background color (on design 2), and rearrange the order of the photos. Adding additional images or otherwise reconstructing a design may cost extra.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Guys Senior Photos by Belleville Illinois Photographer Larissa

Lately I've been shooting a lot of high school senior GUY sessions. Guys usually aren't too enthusiastic about having their senior photos done, but I've been lucky enough to work with some guys who really have been great to work with. Here are a few recent sessions:

Chris, from O Fallon High School, was awesome to work with and had a great sense of humor. I had a good time catching some of his more interesting sides. He even had sound effects for some of his tennis photos! Lol. Anyways, here are a few of his shots:

Tom, from Mascoutah High School, was also great to work with. He seemed pretty serious at first, but was still able to have fun and by the end of his session we were getting some pretty crazy shots. Don't worry Tom, I won't tell ;). Lol. Anyways, here's a few shots from his session:

And finally, I just finished up with editing photos from this session with Tyler, a senior from Triad. Within the first 5 minutes of Tyler's sesison, I knew I'd have fun working with him. His easy-going personality and willingness to try my weird shots was great. And he really photographs well! Check out a couple from his session:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Saturday Bookings

Believe it or not, now is the time to start thinking about getting that family portrait taken so you can have your photos ready when it's time to mail out Christmas Cards. Unfortunately, we've been very busy lately and our Saturdays are almost completely booked all the way through November 21st! We do have 2 senior session openings on October 17th, but that's it. If you were hoping to get in on a Saturday, consider the options below:

Weeknight Session: If you need to get in for family photos and work during the week, we can do evening appointments (in the studio) as late as 8:00 and can handle groups up to 6 people inside. We can also do outdoor sessions as late as 4:30, so if you really want outdoor photos perhaps think about taking a day off work, or just a half day even so you can come in for those photos while there's still light outside.

Sunday Session: We don't regularly shoot on Sundays, however, we understand that sometimes it's nearly impossible to get in during the week and taking a half day at work isn't always an option, so we will make exceptions on Sundays with a $40 fee. We will book only one session per Sunday so if you absolutely must schedule for a Sunday, I recommend you call before you run out of time! Book that setting before our Sundays run out too.

Associate Photographer: One more option is having our associate photographer, Devin Webb, shoot your photos. While TJ and I (Larissa) are off shooting Saturday weddings, we'll have the studio open so Devin can cover the overflow of family, children, and baby sessions. If you cannot get in during the week, consider having Devin shoot your photos. We'll be adding some samples of her work to our website shortly and are thrilled to have her join our team. When you call to schedule your Saturday sesison, mention that you want Devin to shoot your sitting and we'll book you for one of the days that she'll be in.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Birthday Thank You Cards for Jamie...

Post Card Front - Design1

Post Card Back - Design1

4x8 Photocard (single sided with envelope). Design 2. This card style is on photo paper and is mailed in regular sized envelopes so it takes regular stamps to mail.

Post Card Front - Design 3.

Post Card Back - Design 3.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

TJ - Maschoutah Senior

Just finished yet another senior session for a Mascoutah High School senior. TJ was great to work with. He didn't complain when I had him doing odd poses (like the guitar one below) and for a guy that's awesome! Thanks for coming in TJ! I hope you have a great senior year!