Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby Ballerina Photos in Belleville, Illinois

I've finally finished getting everything together for this portrait special. Shown below are a few shots of my daughter on the new scene. She's only two, but this scene will work well for any ballerina between 6 months and 16 years. Details and prices are shown below the images.

Baby Ballerina's Portrait Special - $65
- 15-20 minute session done on the scene shown.
- 1 8x10, 2 5x7's, and 8 wallets of your favorite pose.
- A single 4x6 print of each picture taken (aprox 15-20 pictures)
- A CD with all the images & copyrights.

These sessions will be available May 1st and 2nd at the price listed above. If you cannot make it one of these days, I can also accept appointments anytime during that last week of April for an extra $10 fee.

A limited number of sessions is available, so call now to book your appointment. Call Larissa at 618-409-1224 or email

Extra prints may be purchased a la carte at regular prices as shown below:

4x6 - $3
5x7 - $5
8x10 - $8
wallets - $5 for 12

Rules and Exclusions:
The above session fee is for one child only. Additional children may be added at $5each.

Your child/children may wear one outfit. Additional outfits may be added at $10 each.

Costumes: I have a small supply of tutus available for the shoot. Sizes are available to fit children ages 2-6. I have toddler size 7 ballet shoes in white and pink. I have some older children/adult sizes of shoes and some real pointe shoes as well. I recommend having your child wear a solid colored onsie or leotard, even if they don't have a tutu. The tutu's can stetch to fit most children. It's the leotard part that is more difficult. If you have questions about my costume collection, please call and we can discuss what I have available. There are some really cute tutu's in my stash =). And if you're worried about your child not having shoes, ballet shoes are available at Payless for about $15.

The included print package must be ordered by May 5th which will help me as I will do my best to have everyones pictures ready before Mothers Day. Because, afterall, what would grandma like more than pictures of her adorable little grandaughter?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Oakville High Senior Portaits by Belleville Photographer

James is one of our Senior Ambassadors graduating from Oakville High in 2010. He lives over in South County (St. Louis) and came over to this side of the river for his photos. He was great to work with and we came up with some pretty good shot. Check out a few of my favorites:

Edwardsville High School Senior Photos by Larissa Photography

Amanda, a 2009 Senior at Edwardsville High school, came in for her senior portraits on Friday. Check out a few of my favs from her senior session:

I would have liked to get a few outdoor shots, but as luck would have it, it was pouring out! We've got such a great yard for outdoor pictures though, so I told Amanda's mom that they could come back later when the weather was nice for a few more shots.

Thanks for the great shoot Amanda! You were really fun to work with. =)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Photo Birth Announcements for Anna....

Above: Card Front-Option1

Above: Card Front-Option 2

Above: Back of Card

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tips for Getting Your Child Photographed

Have you ever taken your child to have their pictures taken only to find yourself completely exausted after a long frustraiting shoot in which you spent rediculous amounts of time and energry trying to get just a couple decent pictures out of your cranky child? Here's a few tips that may help make your next photo experience just a little easier:

1) Schedule your appointment during a time when your child is normally in a good mood. For most children this is either in the morning or right after nap time. But everyone is different and you know your child better than anyone, so plan accordingly.

2) Make sure your child has been fed. Hungry children are cranky children.

3) Give your child Tylenal 20 minutes before their session. If your child is in pain (teething, growning pains, sinus headache), they won't do as well during their session. Since you can't always know when they are in pain it helps to give them tylenal just in case.

4) Be prepared with snacks. Bribery does help. I usually keep a good stash here at my studio, but if you go someplace else, you're likely to need this tool to coax a smile out of your little one.

5) Bring a favorite toy or "lovie". Your child will be comforted by the familiar object in his unfamiliar surroundings.

6) Don't bring too many clothes. Or really... don't expect your child to willingly change outfits that many times without throwing a fit. Most kids don't like having their clothes changed, so I recommending keeping the outfit changes to a minimum. One or two outfits is usually best. Make sure they're in your favorite outfit first... that way if they do get cranky when you change them, you'll at least have gotten some good pictures in the best outfit first.

7) Don't have high expectations about getting specific poses. Although you may have found some adorable poses of other children posted on the internet, you can't always expect your child to co-operate. The best thing to do is work with the child to find which poses they're comfortable with. If they give you a hard time when you try out a certain pose, don't push it or you'll end up with one very unhappy child which consequently means you probably won't get any good pictures. Flexibility is key when it comes to childrens portraits. And who knows, maybe you'll get a completely new pose that's even better than you'd hoped for.

8) Go professional. Skip any studio where you know you'll be stuck sitting and waiting for your turn. Too much time spent in a waiting room and your child will be cranky before you even start pictures. It's a better idea to schedule your appoitment with a professional studio where you know you'll get started with pictures right away.

I may add to this list later, but for now, this is my list of recommended steps you can take to ensure that you and your child have an enjoyable portrait experience.

Gift Cards - Belleville Photographer, Larissa Photography

We are now offering Gift Cards! Cards available in any amount. Call or email me to order. 618-409-1224

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cards for Susan

Card Prices (for pack of 24):
4x5 card - $35
5x7 card - $40
4x6 photo card - $30
5x7 photo card - $40

Additional cards available in sets of $4 for $1.24 each.