Thursday, March 11, 2021

Success!!! You've signed up for the 2021 Annual Photo Pass!
I'm looking forward to seeing you a lot this year! Make sure you're following me on FB, insta, or registering for my email list! Here are the plan details:
This year the annual photo pass includes the high res digital files (with printing rights) from every session, all year. When you book a session you'll pay ONLY the sitting fees and get immediate high resolution digital download afterwards. Plus, at the end of the year, you'll get a flashdrive with all your photos from the whole year.
The cost? Depends on you!

Option 1: $240 upfront.
Option 2: Monthly Payment Plan - $20 per month (Cancel anytime)
Option 3: Referrals to pay- For each month that one of your friends books (as a new client), you get that months payment refunded. Do that for 12 months, and your digital files are all FREE!!!!
Option 4: If you already paid upfront (or don't want a refund) you can use your earned referral credits toward printed products such as a custom designed photo book or album with all your fav photos from the year! The more you refer, the fancier your book!

Here's a cost / savings breakdown:
Digital files range from $60 for a mini session up to $240 for an extended family session. So the cost of the plan "pays for itself" in 1-4 sessions even without any referrals at all!

Sitting Fees typically range from $10-$25 per person... $10 for mini sessions and $25 for a customized family session. With this plan, you will still have to pay sitting fees at the time you book. The sitting fee acts as a deposit when booking each session and is non-refundable. Given that we usually sell out of available time slots, we don't want to save times for clients (even pass holders) who aren't committed to making it in for their sessions. Having clients pay a sitting fee helps us avoid that problem.

Some Rules/Exclusions: The $20 monthly payments will automatically be billed regardless of if you come for a session that month. They are payments toward the total plan cost, not monthly digital purchases.

If you cancel mid-year without having come in for any sessions, the amount you paid will be a credit on your account to use toward future sessions/products. If you cancel after having come in for session(s), those session digitals will be on your flashdrive, but additional sessions (booked the remainder of the year) will have to be purchased to be added.

Each referral must be a new client (not previously having been to the studio) and will be counted only for their first time coming. Luckily with the low cost of mini sessions, people won't take much convincing to give us a shot! Even if you aren't coming in for a specific mini session, you can still share my posts with friends who you think may be interested and it'll still cover the cost of your monthly payment if they do!

Membership is March 2021 through March 2022.

Cousins or Friends: Want photos of cousins or friends together at your shoot in addition to the ones of just your kiddos? No problem! Make sure to book your sessions back to back if at all possible. That way we'll have tome to take your photos, some of everyone together, and some of the cousins alone. If the cousins /friends don't need photos by themselves, you can share your booking with them. Just be sure to leave a note in your booking when you schedule! Also, it's important for me to note that when you get photos taken with cousins/friends, only the group photos will be included in your digital pass. You will not get the photos of the cousins or friends that don't include your child/children. If they wish to purchase those files for themselves, they can. You just can't share your pass with them.