Friday, July 31, 2009

Sneak peek from Rachael's Session

Here's a sneak peek of a few shots from a recent session. Rachael was awesome to work with! Thanks for co-operating with all my odd ideas Rachael!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Gallery / Waiting Room at Larissa Photography

I'm so excited to tell everyone about our newest renovation at Larissa Photography! We've just added a entrance/gallery/waiting room that will make things so much eaiser!

For starters, it will be open everyday from 8:00 am till 9:00 pm for customers who want to just drop by. I will have a special shelf in there just for clients who have orders to pick up, so, even if I'm busy with a session or not available at the time, you can stop by and pick up your order whenever you want! That means you don't have to make an appointment to come by and get your pictures! I know that will make it a lot easier for some of you who are just as busy as I am these days! Yeah! No more balancing our rediculous calendars!

Also, if you show up early for your session and I'm not ready to start your session yet, no big deal! You'll get to make yourself at home in this beautiful new gallery and look through some of our awesome albums while you wait.

Also, this will be good news for new moms and pregnant women. I've always hated those stairs we had to go down with the back entrance. Not fun when you're toting a 300lb baby carrier! Lol. And the poor moms-to-be all out of breath before we even started pictures! Stupid stairs! No more! With the new entrance you'll be closer to where you parked and you don't have to worry about going down any stairs to get in. Yay!

I'm pretty excited about this new entrance/gallery/waiting room and hope you'll all come by to visit. As I type this, the room is just about done. Starting Monday, July 27th, the gallery should be completely done and I hope you'll all take the time to stop by and take a look! I'll probably post photos off it when it's done too. You know about me and my picture taking. =)