Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Cards for Marisa - Metallic Too

This first design is for a 4x8 photo card. $35/pack of 24. Extra cards are $1 each. Make it metallic for $5 more. Price includes envelopes.

This second design is for a 5x7 photo card. Price is $40/24pk. Extra's are $1 each. Make it metallic for $5 more. Price includes envelopes.

This third design is for a 4x6 photo card. $30/24 pack. $1 extra for additional cards. Make it metallic for $5 more. Price includes envelopes.

Did you know that any of our custom designed photo cards can be made on metallic photo paper? This super shiney, reflective paper adds an extra touch of holiday flare to any photo card. White becomes silver. Yellow becomes gold. And your card becomes a show-stopper. =)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Card for Jen

Cards for Julie

Design #9 as a two sided 4x5 or 5x7 card:

Card Front:
Card Back:

Christmas Cards for Mary

Two-Sided Card - Front:

Two Sided Card - Back:

Regular 4x6 Photo Card:

Christmas Cards for Kristy

Custom designed press-printed cards are the perfect way to showcase your photos. Our cards range in sizes and the prices for each card costs than half the price of a professional 4x6 or 5x7 photo of the same size would cost. Plus you can incorperate more than one photo in the design! All cards start in packs of 24 and can be increased by sets of four after that initial pack.

Gold Ornament - Front

Gold Ornament - Back

Design 2- Front

Design 2 Back (version 1)

Design 2 - Back (Version 2)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Union Station Photo Shoot

TJ and I just finished a senior session out at Union Station today. Not only did we get some great shots, but I got some fudge! Gotta love that fudge factory. =)

It was fun to work in a place we don't get to shoot in every day and there were lots of great photo spots. Maria and her friends were so much fun to work with. Here are a few shots from Maria's senior session in Downtown St. Louis at Union Station.

Christmas Gifts available at Larissa Photography

Tumbled Stone Coasters
Single Coaster - $35
Set of four - $120
Black Iron Holder - $20

Coasters - $60 (set of four)
$10 - mahogany holder

Cutting Board - $60

Pewter Wreaths
Key Chain - $22
Ornament - $31
Money Clip - $31

Poercelain Ornament: $21
Business Card Holder - $24

Mirror Compact - $20

Lisence Plates: $20

Dog Tags: $10

Custom Photo Books: $120-$175 each (buy one get one free in November and December!)

Christmas Cards: $30-$55/pack of 24

Custom Notepads:
3x3 keychain notepad - $15 for set of four
3x9 grocerey list notepad - $20 for set of four
6x9 desktop notepad - $30 for set of four

Calendars: $40

To order, call Larissa at 618-409-1224 or email larissa@larissaphotography.com.
Available only to clients who have had a session or wedding photographed by Larissa within the past 3 years.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Card Designs

If you're planning on ordering Christmas cards, it might be a good idea to check out my archive of past designs to see if there's one you might like. To view the archive, click on the following link: LogIn
And type in Christmas as your access code.

This will take you to an archive of past designs I've made for my customers. You can choose one of the designs from there, or simply tell me which design styles you like and I'll work up a new designs similar to the style you like.

If there aren't enough posted on my website to get your wheels turning, try visiting websites like tinyprints.com for ideas. I can replicate most designs you may find online.

Here are a couple new designs for Christmas 2009:
Design # 72

And the reverse side of #72:

Design #77

Design #34

And the inside to go with #34


Collage for Gina


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

DeAnna & Brandon's Wedding Video

Here's a mini wedding video my husband put together for some friends of ours who's wedding we photographed this summer. Thanks for letting us practice our videography on you guys!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I LOVE sunset photos!

The past two weekends have been PERFECT for weddings and for awesome evening sunset photos! Here are a few fav's from the last couple weddings we did. Gotta love that setting sun!

We actually just shot Brandy and Grants wedding today and are trying to get their photos posted in RECORD time for us. Having the photos posted within 24 hours of the wedding. Our normal turnaround time used to be two weeks, then we got it down to 7 days... and now we're thinking of making it our goal to get them posted within 48 hours of the wedding routinely. We'll see how this goes.

So here some shots of Laura and Omar's wedding from last weekend:

And Brandy and Grant, at LongAcre Park in Fairview Heights:


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Card for Jamie

Planning on ordering your custom Christmas cards from custom card websites like tinyprints.com? I can replicate most designs that are found on the internet AND more often than not the cards from me cost less and are ready faster. I did the math to see what it would cost to get the cards from tinyprints vs me. A 5x5 square set of 24 cards (like the design above) would cost $44.95 from tiny prints. (It may seem like less at first, but after shipping, this is the total.) Get the same pack of 24 cards from me and pay only $35. Extra benefits to ordring your cards from me include:
1) Bonus images on the back. Most of those websites only give you a single side. I can throw a bonus image or two on the back at no extra charge.
2) Tweeking. If you find a general pattern or style that you like but perhaps want more photos on the card or want to include additional text, I can do that for you. I'll style your card so it looks similar to their design but make it better fit the images you want to include. My cards are completely custom so you can make it how you want. Not sure what I can do? Just ask!
3) Did I mention the cards are often cheaper when orderd from me?

Enough said. The design above was completed for Jamie to replicate a design she found online. It's almost identical to the original design. =)


Monday, November 9, 2009

Get your Prints and Image Files Too!

After giving it quite a bit of thought, I've decided to adjust my packages a little bit so that two of the discount single-pose packages will now include the full resolution image file and the copyright release.

These days everybody wants the image files. I, of all photographers, am a big supporter of giving clients the images and rights. I've structured my business completely the opposite of most photographers. I charge for the sitting, but give the CD and copyrights with all my sessions. However, I hesitated to give them out with the seasonal specials because I knew I'd be shooting myself in the foot(no pun intended). Since I wasn't charging for the sitting, I had to make my money on the print sales. But nobody would buy prints from me if they've got the CD and can get them printed cheaper at walmart. So, I finally found a solution.

You'll find that I've adjusted my Christmas Special packages so that two of the three packages now include both the prints AND the image file. So when you purchase Package B or C, not only will you get the prints included in that package, but I'll email you that full resolution file and the copyrights to go with it. It's a Win-Win. You get your files, and I still get a paycheck.