Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Card for Jamie

Planning on ordering your custom Christmas cards from custom card websites like I can replicate most designs that are found on the internet AND more often than not the cards from me cost less and are ready faster. I did the math to see what it would cost to get the cards from tinyprints vs me. A 5x5 square set of 24 cards (like the design above) would cost $44.95 from tiny prints. (It may seem like less at first, but after shipping, this is the total.) Get the same pack of 24 cards from me and pay only $35. Extra benefits to ordring your cards from me include:
1) Bonus images on the back. Most of those websites only give you a single side. I can throw a bonus image or two on the back at no extra charge.
2) Tweeking. If you find a general pattern or style that you like but perhaps want more photos on the card or want to include additional text, I can do that for you. I'll style your card so it looks similar to their design but make it better fit the images you want to include. My cards are completely custom so you can make it how you want. Not sure what I can do? Just ask!
3) Did I mention the cards are often cheaper when orderd from me?

Enough said. The design above was completed for Jamie to replicate a design she found online. It's almost identical to the original design. =)

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