Monday, September 21, 2009

Night in the City Photo Shoot

I just had a BLAST shooting the second half of Brianna's senior session. Turns out Downtown Belleville is a great place for senior photos at night. We had a fabulous time working with Brianna again. Got some really fun shots too.

Of course, it wouldn't be a night out without some drama. While we were shooting some train track photos out near highway 15, some guy in a truck slowed down and actually yelled at us that we "kids" shouldn't be playing on the train track and that we could get ourselves killed. Talk about suprised. TJ, myself, Brianna, and her mom hardly count as KIDS, and did he really think we'd not notice a train coming... perhaps the vibrating tracks, loud engine, and horn aren't enough? He even had the audacity to tell us that he had the sherif on the phone and that the cops were "on their way". As if we were committing some sort of crime. As if our cities law enforcement has nothing better to do than worry about people spending ten minutes near some train tracks to get a few photos. Sheesh. Some people could really stand to get a life.

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