Monday, November 29, 2010

Cards Prices and Info at Larissa Photography

The following are all the different styles of cards available at Larissa Photography.

Flat Card or Postcard Style:

Flat cards are two sided and made on a sturdy card material with a satin finish. Optional linen, pearl, art matte, or glossy fnishes are available also. Flat (two sided) cards include envelopes.
Postcards are identical to the flat cards except that they have a postcard design on the back and are meant to be mailed without an envelope. This saves you costs on the postage and provides a space on the back for a personal greating.
Flat/Postcard Prices:
Small 4x5 - $35/24 pk
Square 5x5 - $45/24pk*
Large 5x7 - $45/24 pk

*square cards cannot be postcards.

Folded Cards:

Folded cards have a single fold. They can be vericle or horizontal with a fold along the wide or short end. Also on sturdy card material, they come satin (standard) or you can opt for linen, pearl, art matte, or glossy. Envelopes included.
Folded Card Prices:
Small 4x5 - $55/24pk
Medium Square 5x5 - $60/24pk
Large 5x7 - $65/24pk


Photographic cards have a single-sided design only. Since they're printed on photo paper, the back cannot have any printing on it. However, some people use a pen or sharpie to write a personal message on the back. Prices include envelopes.
Photographic Card Prices:
Small 4x6 - $35/24pk
Long 4x8 - $37/24pk
Large 5x7 - $40/24pk

Tri-Fold Cards:

Tri fold cards are double sided and fold twice. There are three pannels allowing for the most images possible to be included in the design. They open and close similar to a tri-fold brochure giving them a "wow" factor. They're only available as square 5x5 cards and include envelopes. $75/24 pk

Accordian Fold Cards/Triple Folds:

Accordian cards have three folds and include envelopes. Printed on standard satin card material or you can upgrade to linen, art matte, pearl, or glossy. Available in 4x5 size only. Price: $74/24pk.

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