Sunday, June 7, 2009

Save the Date Cards

Here's a "save the date" card for one of my upcoming wedding couples... Laurel and Ben. It's difficult to get a complete idea of how these cards will look from the flat images below because these are going to be tri-fold cards.

The far right 3rd of the design above will be the "front" image of the card. The two-thirds on the left will be on the back at this point (until the card is opened all the way).
Shown Above: The center text will be what the card opens up to (as if it were a regular greeting card with the text on the right). The far right shows what the back of the card looks like when the card is folded up.

I know that all is difficult to understand and trust me, it's just as hard to explain! But, if you like the overall look of these designs, you'll like the final product. I can print these on regular satin, linen (canvas textured feel), or pearl which is kind of shimmery.

Laurel and Ben, you may choose to make revisions if you want. Just call or email me to let me know what changes you want to make. Otherwise, please confirm that all the information is correct and double check to make sure there aren't any typos.

Per Laurel's request, here's the first image with the cover photo in color:

And in faded color...

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