Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bridal Shoot of DeAnna and Brandon

Top 6 reason's to schedule a Bridal Session for yourself:

1) There isn't/wasn't enough time to do all the romantic fun shots on the day of your wedding.
2) It rained, snowed, or was too hot or cold on your wedding day and you didn't get to do outdoor shots as a result.
3) You had a great location in mind but it was just too far from the wedding.
4) You got married in a courthouse and didn't have wedding photos taken.
5) The stress, nerves, and time pressure of the day were too much and you just wanted to get the photos over with, resulting in less-than-ideal photos.
6) You either didn't hire a wedding photographer or the photographer you did hire wasn't all that great so the photos you got were less than thrilling.

If any of the above applies to you, you might consider a Bridal Session. Bridal sessions are done days, weeks, even years after the wedding. The bride and groom get all dolled up one more time and hit a few scenic spots around town to get some great wedding portraits. The relaxed nature of this type of session allows us to capture more affection and the resulting images are stunning.

Here are a few photos from DeAnna and Brandon's Bridal Session. They got married on Saturday but didn't want to make their guests wait for them at the reception so they planned a bridal shoot for a couple days after the wedding, before leaving for the honeymoon. This worked out perfectly and, in my opinion, resulted in some really great images!

Bridal Sessions are around $300 and include close to 100 photos taken at multiple locations during this 2-hour long shoot. Call Larissa for details or to book yours now!


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