Thursday, January 29, 2009

Children's Portrait Special Schedule

The following is a list of the specials I plan on doing in 2009. The dates of the specials will be announced monthly shortly before the special is to be run.

January - Winter Wonderland
February - Valentines
March - Baby Ballarinas & Take Me Out to the Ballgame (baseball)
April - Easter (classic and contemporary)
May - Spring Fling (outdoors)
June - 4th of July Portraits (picnic)
July - Lemonade Stand
August - Summer (in overalls or sundresses outdoors)
September - Back to School
October - Outdoor Fall Photos/Halloween
November - Thanksgiving/ Indoor Fall Photos
December - Christmas

This is only a tentative list and is subject to change. If I think of something new and exciting to try, I may replace one of these. Feel free to post a comment with your ideas on themed portraits you'd like. I'm open for suggestions! I'm not entirely excited about the basic summer ones and the indoor fall stuff so I'd be glad to hear what your suggestions may be for those months August and November if you have any.

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