Thursday, January 29, 2009

2010 Calendar of your child

If you enjoy having your child photographed throughout the year, consider this great gift idea. All those seasonal and holiday portraits you have taken at my studio would make GREAT pages in a calendar. If you can choose at least 12 photos from all your 2009 portraits, I can put together a custom 2010 calendar for you to give out as gifts this next Christmas! I know it seems early to be thinking about Christmas already, but for a gift like this, you've got to plan ahead. The winter wonderland photos would make a great January page and the valentines photos are perfect for February. A basic custom calendar costs only $30. Buy more than one, and they're even cheaper! And, if you come in for at least 10 of my portrait specials in 2009, you can get your first calendar at 50% off!

I've already completed my winter wonderland portait special for this year, but if enough people show an interest in doing a calendar, I'll put the winter wonderland scene up again later next month. Please leave a comment on this post if you're interested in doing the calendar and would like me to do the winter wonderland portraits again.

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If you do set it up again, let me know. I would bring both kids. Love the calendar idea. - Amber T.