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Finding the Right Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer | Interview Analysis

Photographer’s Name: ________________________________
Date: _____________________
Studio: _____________________________________________
Phone: ___________________

The following form is meant to help you rate photographers you are considering for your wedding. Fill this form out as you talk with a potential photographer then add up the total points for their score, out of 100 possible points.


How many weddings have you photographed?
5-15 (1 pts)
15-50 (3 pts)
51+ (5 pts)

Do you work alone or bring a second shooter?
Alone (1 pts)
1 extra (3 pts)
2 or more(5 pts)

Do you bring spare cameras ,lenses, etc?
No (0 pts)
Yes, some (2 pts)
Yes, lots (5pts)

Have you gone to school for photography?
No (0 pts)
Some (2pts)
Degree (3pts)

Are you a member of PPA?*
No ( 0pts)
Yes (2 pts)

Are you a certified professional photographer?**
No (0 pts)
Working on it (1 pts)
Yes (2 pts)

Are you a Master Photographer?***
No (0 pts)
Working on it (1pts)
Yes ( 3 pts)

Have your images been published in any magazines or books?
No (0pts)
Yes, in local publications/magazines (2 pts)
Yes, in national bridal or trade magazines (5 pts)

Style/Image Quality: Look at the photogaphers sample images and answer the questions below.

Are the images interesting?
Somewhat (1pts)
Mostly (3 pts)
Yes, Love them!(5 pts)

Are the images clear and sharp?
Somewhat (1 pts)
Mostly (3 pts)
Yes, all of them (5 pts)

Examine the way the bride is posed in the sample images. Do the poses make her arms look bigger, give her a double chin, or make her look fat?
Yes. On several (0 pts)
Only on a few images (3 pts)
Not at all. The bride is posed well. (5 pts)

Are there harsh shadows, squinty eyes, or patchy lighting?
Lots (0 pts)
Some (2 pts)
None (5 pts)

Do the images match the overall style/feel that you're looking for?
Not at all (0 pts)
Somewhat (2 pts)
Yes! (5 pts)


Does the photographer offer the album style you’re looking for?
No (0 pts)
Sort-of (3 pts)
Yes! (5 pts)

Do they offer the additional products you’re most interested in getting? Some (2 pts)
All (4 pts)

Do they offer additional services you may need?
No (0 pts)
Some (2 pts)
All (4 pts)

Do they retouch the photos?
No (0pts)
On ordered prints only (2pts)
Yes, on all (5 pts)

How long does it take before the images are ready to view?
2 wks (2pts)
1wk (3pts)

How long is the average time before albums are ready for pickup?

Personality: Rate based on a scale of 1-5, 1 being poor and 5 being excellent.

How easy is communication with the photographer? _____

Does the photographer have a personality I get along with well? _____

Were they and their staff were they friendly and enthusiastic about my wedding? _____

Can I see myself spending most of my wedding day with this person? _____

Does the photographer seem interested in me and my plans/wishes? _____

Total Score: _____
Add up all the points from the questionare above. Total score will be out of 100 possible points, so you can rate the photographer with an A, B, C, or D based on your results.

This score should then be compared to the photographers cost including both upfront charges and the cost for additional services/products/upgrades you wish to add. By comparing scores to costs, you’ll be able to more confidently review and select from the different photographers you are considering. To accurately measure the cost of each photographer, review the following chart and be sure to count all costs for any products, services that you anticipate needing/getting:

How much is the baseline charge for coverage? _______
Extra charge for additional hours (if applicable): _______
Extra Location/Travel Charges (if applicable): _______

Products: List price only on items you intend to get.
Cost for the album/package/collection you want: _______
Average cost for additional prints (if applicable): _______
Digital Files (if not included in coverage/collection): _______
Other products (invitations, guest book, etc) _______

Additional Services: List price only on items you intend to get.
Engagement session or upgrade (if not included) _______
Boudoir Session (if desired) _______
Party Booth (if desired/offered) _______
Same Day Edits (if desired/offered) _______
Other: __________________________ _______

Total Cost: _______ Total Score: _______

*PPA stands for Professional Photographers of America. It is American’s largest education and merit program for photographers. Members of PPA commit to constantly improve their craft.

**Certified photographers have completed a lengthy test proving that they are knowledgeable both in camera use and lighting. Only 2% of all photographers are certified.

***Master Photographers have completed years of study, photographic competitions, and have earned merits to show that they are highly trained and skilled photographers.


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