Friday, November 4, 2011

Childrens Christmas Special 2011

Rules and exclusions for Christmas Special 2011:
This special will take place during the week of November 12th - 18th. By appointment ONLY. Call 618-670-4536 to book your time now.

This is a joint photographer effort... so we'll have several photographers (not just Larissa) shooting these sessions. The date/time you choose will determine which photographer you get.

Nov 12th - Devin (am)
Nov 13th - Jen (afternoon) and Jihannah (pm)
Nov 14th - Kelli (am) and Devin (pm)
Nov 15th - Kelli
Nov 16th - Jihannah (am) and Jen (pm)
Nov 17th - Jodi
Nov 18th - Larissa

PRICE: Cost for the session is $15 and includes one mini session. Extra children are $10 each. Extra outfits are $10. So if you have two kids and want them each to wear two outfits, the total sitting fee would be $45. ($15 for the first kid, $10 for their extra outfit, $10 for the second kid and $10 for their extra outfit). This cost covers the sitting only and does not include any prints. Image files will be available to purchase. You can get all of your images for only $50. Or you can purchase individual digital files for $20 each. Prints may be purchased online. Cost for prints are as follows:

Wallets - $10/set of 12
4x6 - $8
5x7 - $12
8x10 - $20
11x14 - $30
Single Digital File - $20
All digital Files - $50*

*The price for All the digital files is per session, not per child. So a session with two kids will have a sitting fee of $25 plus and extra $50 for the image files.... totalling only $75. You will NOT have to pay $50 for each child. Just per session.

Extra outfits are $10 each. So if you want to do some shots of your little on in their PJ's as well as some in their fancy Christmas outfit, you can. It's just $10 extra.

Length of session depends on the number of children and outfits. The baseline session is 15 minutes (for one child with one outfit). Add a child and/or outfit and we'll add time to the sitting to accomodate, so be sure to mention if you plan on having your little one change outfits so we can plan accordingly. Up to 45 can be given for a single client (given that they've got several kids and/or outfits.

WHERE: These sessions will take place at Studio M in Belleville. It is located in the old walmart shopping center directly between Chinatown and JHNails. We don't have a lighted sign yet, so you'll have to look for the sign on our front door. There's pleanty of parking out front.

ARRIVAL: If you arrive early for your session, we do have a reception/waiting area in the front with a couch and chairs. Feel free to help yourself to coffee/hot cocoa and cookies while you wait. We'll have toys and activities to keep the kids occupied, but it's in your best interest not to arrive more than 10 minutes before your scheduled time. And please DO NOT arrive late. This will only cut into the limited time we've got alloted for you. We can still shoot your session, but you won't have as much time if you show up late.

Please bring CASH or a CHECK to pay for your sitting fee only when you arrive. Credit cards will not be accepted at the studio. If you want to get the digital files, you can pay for them via credit when you order them online (secured website) or you can drop a check by Larissa Photography at 161 Orchard Drive, Belleville, IL 62221. Make checks payable to Larissa photography.

VIEWING: Your photos will be posted online 3-5 days following your session. You'll be able to log in and view your photos for a full month. Be sure to order any prints or image files at this time, as they will not remaine available after this time. You are welcome to share your access code with friends/family so they can order prints from your session as well.

QUESTIONS: If you have any further questions, please call 670-4536. Thanks!

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