Monday, January 17, 2011

Bridal Shoots & Trash the Dress Sessions

Did it rain on your wedding day? Or perhaps you just don't have enough time to get photos at all the spots you wanted. Or maybe you're getting married at the courthouse but want some fabulous wedding photos. A bridal shoot or trash the dress session is the perfect solution. Here are a couple options we offer:

Studio Bridal Shoot: $250
During this 1 hour session we'll take 50-75 bridal images here at the studio. We can do both indoor studio shots, plus outdoor photos here on our 2.5 acres. We've got woods, open grass areas, a creek, and lots of ivy that make great bridal photos. Photos taken include individual shots of the bride and groom alone, plus shots of the two of them together. Package includes a disc with all the images (with printing rights) and full set of 4x6 prints.

Location Bridal Shoot or Trash the Dress Session: $400
Have your bridal or trash the dress session at the location of your choice (within reason). Perhaps you wanted shots in downtown st louis, near the arch and stadium. Or maybe you like Forest Park, Tower Grove, or the Shrine? We'll spend a full 2 hours with you shooting 50-100 gorgeous images. Included in this package is 2 photographers (myself and TJ) shooting for two hours, a disc with all the images, and a full set of 4x6 prints.

Here are a few stories that to give you and idea of when these sessions might be usefull.

Couple Number One: The wedding is planned to start at 6:00pm with the reception IMMEDIATELY following directly accross the street as an ice cream social as the sun sets. This is a lovely wedding and reception they have planned, however it doesn't allow much time for pictures any place but inside the church. Once they head over to the reception, the guests would already be there and there's no time to go someplace else before the reception. The ideal solution is for this couple to save their flowers, dress, and tux and plan a bridal shoot the next day or the day after (before the tux is returned and dress is preserved). The couple can enjoy a leisurely afternoon photoshoot without the stress of the wedding day. No guests waiting at the reception or huge wedding party to drag around. Just the two newlyweds enjoying an intimate photoshoot at some lovely scenic spots. The result is that they get great photos they otherwise would not have been able to get, they're more relaxed on the day of the wedding not having to worry about rushing to get pictures so they can enjoy their reception more.

Couple Number Two: A Wednesday afternoon courthouse wedding has been planned. The couple doesn't want a big wedding and are just planning dinner out with close friends and family later in the day. They do, however, want some nice bridal portraits for their home and to remember the day by. The bride picks up a nice dress and the groom wears a suite. After the courthouse wedding they meet us for their bridal shoot in the park. They enjoy their first moments as a married couple together in an intimate photo shoot without the rest of the stress and hassle a wedding can bring.

Couple Number Three: This couple commissioned the brides uncle to photograph the weddings. His outstanding landscape photography made him the perfect choice, or so they thought. Turns out he wasn't much good at wedding photography and all their images turned out dull. The weren't terrible, just not very exciting. The bride and groom had hoped for some nice pictures for their walls but found none of the images really looked good enough for a wall. So, they hurriedly call the studio and book a Monday afternoon bridal shoot. They're not leaving for the honeymood till wednesday so it works out perfectly. Monday afternoon they meet up with the photographer and are able to get the breathtaking images they'd dreamed of getting.

Couple Number Four: This couple planned a fabulous wedding. A great church, gorgeous reception venue, perfectly planned schedule for the day. Down to the limo, everything was planned....but then it rained... no poured the entire day. They got a few cute pictures outside under the pavillion at church and some nice church photos, but they'd really wanted some good outdoor shots. So, they plan a bridal shoot for two days later. The rain clears and they're able to get some absolutely fabulous images to add the album.

Couple Number Five: This couple has been married for a year. They had great photos, but as they're getting ready to move to their new home the bride realizes her daughter is probably NOT going to want to wear her dress and she really doesn't want to keep it hanging around and taking up space. She plans a trash the dress session for their first anniversary and the two of them have a blash shooting a fun session and then jump in a lack for the grande finale. The resulting images are the talk of their facebook page for months and they get some great artwork to display in their new home.

These, of course, are just a few reasons to have a bridal shoot or trash the dress session. If you're interested, call the studio and we can discuss your wedding plans...670-4536. Perhaps a session like this is just what you need!

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