Saturday, October 3, 2009

Quintyn's Birth Announcements

Design 1 FRONT

Design 1 BACK

Design 2 FRONT

Design 2 BACK

Design 3 (One-Sided Photo Card)

The first two designs are for a two sided press printed 5x7 card. The second design is for a 4x8 photo card that mails in a regular business sized envelope.


Lashyon said...

I like this one the best, I wish it had a fancier font though, I don't see the point to the two sided ones because people will put these in either custom built frames or on their fridge, and only one side will show anyways :)

Larissa said...

The two sided cards are bigger and printed on a card material so they're studier. The design keeps the back of the card simple (usually just one bonus photo) so people can still frame it if they want.