Friday, May 15, 2009

Senior Photos for Class of 2010. Early Bird Specials!

Class of 2010, NOW is the time to have your senior portraits taken! I know it may sound a bit crazy to get your senior photos before your senior year even begins, so let me explain:

First off all, most of the yearbook deadlines are early in the year so you'll have to have them done sometime this summer or early fall anyways.

Secondly, if you wait until the middle of your senior year to have them done, it'll be winter and you won't get any cool outdoor shots.

Thirdly, you're off school now so it's easier to snag an appoinment because you have all day as opposed to competing with everyone else for the couple remaining hours of daylight left when you get home after school during the school year. (And our weekends are booked with weddings so that's out.)

And last, but certainly not least, because we're offering our best deals early in the summer so you'll save a lot of money if you can get in sooner! Check out the deals we're offering for summer sessions:

June - Our Biggest Sale EVER on Senior Sessions!
* $50 off your session fee
* PLUS we'll double the value of our coupons for even greater savings!

* $40 off your session
* We'll still honor your coupons.

* $20 off your session
* We'll still honor your coupons.

And ALL SUMMER we'll be offering wallets at buy 3 sets of the same pose get 2 more sets of that same pose for free!

And remember, ALL of our senior sessions include a FREE CD with all the images (copyrights released), a full set of proofs, retouching, AND print credit! We've checked around and we are easily the best value in portraits around! When other studios offer you sessions at lower rates, look at their minimum purchase requirements or the prices of their extra prints cause that's where they'll hit you up! We don't have minimum print purchases! What you pay for your session is all you have to pay. And our print prices are an average of 85% less than other area studios! So the print credit that you get with your session goes a long way toward getting you lots of great photos!

For samples of our work and more info on our studio, visit our main webpage:

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