Monday, March 16, 2009

Dedication Cards for Julianne

This top design is the most like the card design you had in mind, Julianne. The text is squished in that small space and ends up quite tiny and difficult to read. I would not recommend getting any size smaller than the 5x7.
The design is a slight modification (orientation change) to the sample you sent me, however, the text does fit better on the veritcle space.
And this design is a front and back card design. Above, you'll see what the front of the card would look like. And below, you can see what the back of the card would look like. By using both sides, I was able to expand the text to an easier to read size and I seperated the images so they could be larger as well.

Cards are sold in sets of 24. Prices as follows:
5x7 - $40
4x5 - $35
Additional cards available for $5 per set of 4.

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