Saturday, December 27, 2008

I met Phyllis from "The Office"

The day after Christmas, I was shopping at the South County mall with my husband TJ and my sister Chantal. As we were walking through Macy's, both Chantal and TJ spotted a woman who they thought looked exactly like Phyllis from my favorite show, "The Office". At first neither of them believed she was the real Phyllis, but perhaps a very very convincing look-alike. As we stood debating whether or not that was the real phyllis, an excited teenage girl who was passing by said "that IS the real phyllis; I just got her autograph!". At this news the three of us went into an immediate pursuit. We caught up with her a few minutes later, had a lovely conversation, and even got to take a couple pictures with her. She confirmed that yes, she was indeed Phyllis Smith who plays the part of Phyllis Lupin on NBC's hit show "The Office". Turns out Phyllis, who was out shopping wit her mom, is actually from St. Louis and was home for a month for the holidays. It was really neat to meet her. Seriously, it made my day. Lol.

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